Friday, April 20, 2012

March 3rd - Thumbs Up to Our National Anthem?

Yeah, that title may be a stretch but what else do you say when "What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day" and "National Anthem Day" fall on the same day? Right? I think one of the many things our furry friends would do is give the National Anthem a big ole thumbs up.

So what did our furry friends do with their opposable thumbs for the day? Our cranky old lady cat, Maxi,  wasted no time hitting the pantry...

"That Temptations Treats bag is impossible to open without thumbs and now they are mine, all mine! Not to mention getting the door open. Sheesh."

Sweet, foofy Ellie (yes, foofy is a much used term in this house when it comes to Ellie) surprised us all with her passion for video games.  First she got her XBox on...

She kicked some serious butt on Modern Warfare 3. And then on to some serious gaming...

Angry Birds. Of course.

You may remember that there is another cat in our humble abode, Louie. There are no pictures of Louie. He used his opposable thumbs to open the front door and hitch a ride somewhere...possibly a bird sanctuary, possibly a fishing pier, possibly a cat day spa. Who knows?

And let's not forgot to honor the song that chokes me up on occasion, our national anthem.

I love this sweet land of liberty and I love the Star Spangled Banner. Thank you, Francis Scott Key.

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