Friday, April 20, 2012

March 2nd - Oh Say Can You Say? It's Theodor Geisel Day!

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? If you don't, I will apologize right now for being terribly judgmental but, there is something seriously wrong with you. Consider yourself banished from Whoville (which is a very bad thing). Every time I read a Dr. Seuss book I instantly feel younger. Call me Ponce De Leon but I think that perhaps fountains of youth have been lurking in libraries all over the world. Now that I'm thinking on it, I believe if you read a Dr. Seuss book while at Disney World you will magically un-age, possibly to single digit numbers. That's gonna save me a ton of cash in botox.

Back to the holiday at hand, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss Day which is celebrated in conjunction with Read Across America Day. I have known for quite awhile that his given name was Theodor Seuss Geisel but until I did a google double check I didn't know that I harbored subconscious fantasies that he was an eccentric German marionette maker. Ok, maybe not a marionette maker, but certainly an eccentric German something. But alas, he was born in Massachusetts. This actually works out way better because America needs all the bonus points it can get these days so to realize (perhaps a bit behind the rest of you) that he is all ours is enough bring Lorax tears to my eyes.

So we celebrated as one must on this day - with Seuss-erific hats, green eggs and ham, and the reading of a bedtime Seuss story.


It is absolutely amazing what a little food coloring can do to a person. The second Mark saw the green eggs and ham on the plate he actually did not feel well. It was pretty gross to look at but I calmed the troops by repeating over and over, "It's just food coloring. It will taste exactly the same."

Gnarly looking, right?

Spence chickened out. That's why he looks so happy up there with his waffle. Mark and I, however, went for it...

To be more accurate, I went for it while Mark faked it and tried not to hurl. So I had to take some drastic measures. I used the old "here comes the airplane into the hanger" followed closely by the "here comes the choo choo into the tunnel" trick...

...after which Mark exclaimed, "Why! I DO like green eggs and ham! I WILL eat them in my house and I WILL eat them with my spouse!"

Thank you, Theodor Geisel for being extraordinarily creative and imaginative, and bringing so much joy to so many. I have a feeling we would have gotten along tremendously well.

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