Friday, April 20, 2012

March 3rd - Thumbs Up to Our National Anthem?

Yeah, that title may be a stretch but what else do you say when "What If Cats and Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs? Day" and "National Anthem Day" fall on the same day? Right? I think one of the many things our furry friends would do is give the National Anthem a big ole thumbs up.

So what did our furry friends do with their opposable thumbs for the day? Our cranky old lady cat, Maxi,  wasted no time hitting the pantry...

"That Temptations Treats bag is impossible to open without thumbs and now they are mine, all mine! Not to mention getting the door open. Sheesh."

Sweet, foofy Ellie (yes, foofy is a much used term in this house when it comes to Ellie) surprised us all with her passion for video games.  First she got her XBox on...

She kicked some serious butt on Modern Warfare 3. And then on to some serious gaming...

Angry Birds. Of course.

You may remember that there is another cat in our humble abode, Louie. There are no pictures of Louie. He used his opposable thumbs to open the front door and hitch a ride somewhere...possibly a bird sanctuary, possibly a fishing pier, possibly a cat day spa. Who knows?

And let's not forgot to honor the song that chokes me up on occasion, our national anthem.

I love this sweet land of liberty and I love the Star Spangled Banner. Thank you, Francis Scott Key.

March 2nd - Oh Say Can You Say? It's Theodor Geisel Day!

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss? If you don't, I will apologize right now for being terribly judgmental but, there is something seriously wrong with you. Consider yourself banished from Whoville (which is a very bad thing). Every time I read a Dr. Seuss book I instantly feel younger. Call me Ponce De Leon but I think that perhaps fountains of youth have been lurking in libraries all over the world. Now that I'm thinking on it, I believe if you read a Dr. Seuss book while at Disney World you will magically un-age, possibly to single digit numbers. That's gonna save me a ton of cash in botox.

Back to the holiday at hand, March 2nd was Dr. Seuss Day which is celebrated in conjunction with Read Across America Day. I have known for quite awhile that his given name was Theodor Seuss Geisel but until I did a google double check I didn't know that I harbored subconscious fantasies that he was an eccentric German marionette maker. Ok, maybe not a marionette maker, but certainly an eccentric German something. But alas, he was born in Massachusetts. This actually works out way better because America needs all the bonus points it can get these days so to realize (perhaps a bit behind the rest of you) that he is all ours is enough bring Lorax tears to my eyes.

So we celebrated as one must on this day - with Seuss-erific hats, green eggs and ham, and the reading of a bedtime Seuss story.


It is absolutely amazing what a little food coloring can do to a person. The second Mark saw the green eggs and ham on the plate he actually did not feel well. It was pretty gross to look at but I calmed the troops by repeating over and over, "It's just food coloring. It will taste exactly the same."

Gnarly looking, right?

Spence chickened out. That's why he looks so happy up there with his waffle. Mark and I, however, went for it...

To be more accurate, I went for it while Mark faked it and tried not to hurl. So I had to take some drastic measures. I used the old "here comes the airplane into the hanger" followed closely by the "here comes the choo choo into the tunnel" trick...

...after which Mark exclaimed, "Why! I DO like green eggs and ham! I WILL eat them in my house and I WILL eat them with my spouse!"

Thank you, Theodor Geisel for being extraordinarily creative and imaginative, and bringing so much joy to so many. I have a feeling we would have gotten along tremendously well.

Friday, March 30, 2012

February 26th - Nuttiness Runs in the Jeans

We celebrated two of my favorite things on Sunday, February 26, nuts and jeans! It was National Pistachio Day and Levi Strauss Day.

Pistachio Day was a raucous event.

We gnashed our teeth and tore into the meaty stachios. We discarded shells with wild abandon. It was KER-A-ZEE!

After snack time we celebrated Levi Strauss Day the only way we knew how - by taking pictures of our tuckus. The cute one first...

My mom warned me about marrying someone with a smaller butt than me. I clearly didn't listen.

Seriously? I could rent out advertising space on that thing. The things I won't do for this project. Oy.

But back to the holiday, we love us some Levi's up in this house except for the skinny mini who can only wear Gap adjustable waist jeans without fear of getting "pants-ed" every day at school. (Fascinating Buehlman fact #243)

So thank you crazy miners of the 1893 California gold rush who couldn't find pants that would stand-up to the riggers of gold hunting and thank you Levi Strauss for bringing "waist overalls" into our lives. (Check out the history here. Interesting stuff.) I can't remember ever not having at least one pair of Levi's in my drawer. I love the rivets and the little red tab, Levi's are right up there with baseball and apple pie in my book.

February 25th - Don't Try This At Home

BLOG WARNING: Some readers may find the following image disturbing. Heaven only knows, I do....

Happy Sword Swallower's Day!

February 24th - Tortilla Chip Day!

Believe it or not, I just don't have much to say about Tortilla Chip Day. I can ramble incessantly about virtually anything but all we had to do today was eat some tortilla chips. (When I say I don't have much to say it usually turns into quite the diatribe. Buckle up.)

Of course I did take the opportunity to kick it up a small notch. I have to make a small admission first. I am addicted to cookbooks. I love to read them.  I live my gourmet wannabe life vicariously through them. I can actually cook a five course dinner in my head. I can feel the food, I can taste it, and I can plate it. I just don't actually cook it. It has become alarmingly apparent over the years that I am all about the idea and not so great on the follow through. So when I make grand statements like, "I made my own guacamole, can you believe it ?!" I know that it is not even a small blip on a lot of folks' excite-o-meter. For me, however, it was freaking awesome! And slightly depressing. I looked at the guacamole and realized it was pretty much the easiest thing in the world to make and how is it I am staring down the big 4-5 without ever having made it before? What else am I missing out on? Time to get off my culinary boo-tocks and get cookin'!

So there you have it. Tortilla chips with some homemade (!!) guac. And it was freak-a-deakin' delicious. Mark was blown away, "YOU made THAT?" I don't think he needed to sound quite that surprised. The recipe is from my culinary guru Mr. Mark Bittman from his if-I-could-only-have-one-cookbook-this-would-be-it cookbook, How To Cook Everything. Check out my recipe page if you too would like some heart healthy homemade guac in your life.

And a little shout out to my favorite new chips, the Snyder's (that would be the Hanover Snyders, to avoid confusion with, say, the Hampton's Snyders) Whole Grain Tortilla Chips with quinoa, flax, sesame and chi-chi-chi-chia seeds. Seriously, you will recognize every ingredient in these bad boys and your digestive tract will thank me (eventually).

Here's to getting your chip on!

February 14th - Love Is In The Air... and Other Valentine's Musings

Ahhhh, yes. Valentine's Day. To this day I find Valentine's Day perplexing. Perhaps it was those bitter years of pining for that special someone to spend the day with. You know those years (and if you don't, I don't want to hear about it). The junior/high school years where you watched the mushy couples drooling over each other while you yearned for that special one, the one you crushed on silently, to magically approach you and declare his/her undying love for you a la Sixteen Candles. {{{Big Sigh}}} Maybe that's what makes me want to love Valentine's Day unrequitedly and I just don't.

Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled when I finally had that special someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with and I am happy to report I still have him 20+ years later. We went through the dating V-Day rituals - dinner, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, dozen red roses. Then we went through the "oh heck it's Valentine's Day again what am I going to do?" years. These years tainted me also. Forced romance? Blech. By this stage of our relationship give me an $8 bouquet of daisies in the middle of April and my heart is yours. Give me a $100 bouquet of hanging-on-for-dear-life roses just because it is February 14? Ridiculous, especially when the garbage disposal just stopped working and I'm pretty sure a mouse chewed through the cable line again.

But now we have settled into a groovy V Day place, one without ceremony or pressure. No cards usually, no dinner date on the 14th (that's a nightmare), a nice dinner cooked at home with a bottle of wine and a heart shaped Nestle crunch bar or two (my certain someone's favorites). I have had some amazing Valentine's Day moments over the years and they had nothing to do with crappy chocolate and overpriced flowers. "Someone" learned to play a song on the piano and wrote his own lyrics, wrote Haikus one year and a sonnet the other. Seriously? Hallmark has got nothing on this man.

And now, of course, we have a collective favorite valentine, the Spence-man. He reignited everything awesome about Valentine's Day. Stuffed monkeys holding hearts, decorated boxes for the quintessential school valentines exchange...

and my Spencer-inspired favorite tradition, heart shaped pancakes for breakfast...

which this year came out looking more like actual, anatomically correct hearts, but they were made with an extra special ingredient so it was ok. You know what that ingredient is, right? You got it...LOVE!

And our nice, family dinner with my two super cute Valentines. Perfect.

Maybe I finally have started to love Valentine's Day quite unrequitedly. What's not to love?

[And, in an effort to avoid more omission accusations, today was also my favorite sister-in-law's wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary, Linda & Ant!]

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February 13th - Celebrating the Real Octo-Mom!

Some may think having eight babies is a remarkable undertaking but I think having eighty birthdays is far more extraordinary. As far as "Octo-Moms" go, Mark's mom is the real deal. February 13th was my favorite mother-in-law's 80th birthday! The first big family milestone of the year!

We actually celebrated this a little early this year. We flew up to New York in late January to celebrate with the whole family. We spent a long weekend together on Long Island celebrating with extended family and friends, and spent a day driving around visiting some old haunts (the house they all lived in, their favorite burger joint, the high school, the soccer shop). It was such a cool weekend. Spence was able to see a lot family he didn't know he had, and he had a really cool glimpse at where his dad grew up and the things he did, as well as seeing his Nana with both of her kids (it is a hoot when they are all together). I think it was the first time that Mark, Linda & Hazel were able to do this together. It was a nice birthday bonus.

But onto the celebrating! We had a fantastic birthday dinner for Hazel at Mamma Lombardi's. There is no denying the culinary joy that is New York Italian food and Mamma Lombardi's delivered.

Honestly, I've never seen so much food. Usually extreme quantity means decreased quality - not on Momma Lombardi's watch. The portions were ridiculous and the food was delicious. When I say the portions were huge, I mean the left overs were enough to feed a family of four. No exaggeration.

But back to the birthday girl. She got the full treatment, singing Italian waiters (Happy-a-birthday to yoooo....)

And lots of love...
Hazel with Mark and my favorite sister-in-law, Linda

Hazel with Spence and my favorite nephew-in-high school, Alexander
Visiting their old house
Visiting the town of Massapequa Park and the much-frequented Soccer Shop

Hazel, Mark and Linda knew this place well before it was seen on Food Network or the Travel Channel. Sweet Mother of Murgatroyde (don't ask me, it's just something I say) their cheeseburgers ROCK!

And you may remember this oldie but goodie from Kazoo Day...

Of course we did not leave Hazel hanging on her actual birthday. She had a soiree with her friends from church and we arranged for her to have lunch with her other friends in Arizona.  Her sister, Shirley, flew out to Arizona to celebrate too. The birthday girl definitely got her party on!

Happy Birthday Hazel! We love you!!

Keeping Perspective

Just need to pop in a quick post here before I continue sharing our celebrations. Illnesses, traveling and life demands in general derailed our efforts for a few days in February and ever since then we fell into "catch up mode". We started to spend more time catching up than actually celebrating the current holiday. One day I realized that this totally defeats the purpose of what we are doing here - Making Every Day a Holiday! That is what this is supposed to be about: celebrating every day, enjoying every day, and doing something special (and fun!) as a family. So, with our perspective refreshed we have been celebrating the current day, and we will pay homage to the days we missed along the way when we get to them.

There are plenty of days we have celebrated, they just haven't made it to blog land yet. I'm skipping what we have missed and sharing what we have. Chronology be damned! I'm pretty sure "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day" won't mind if we are a little late.  I have confessed to fighting the "shoulds" and other perfectionista tendencies. No more. It is about enjoying the process, not making it a grind. 

I have a feeling this perspective should be applied to a lot more things. My message today is this: take a good long look at all those "should be doing"s or "have to do"s on your list and try to apply a little perspective to them. I'm no shrink and have little to no right to preach on this subject but I know I am not alone. 

I have a friend from college who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. She has a blog ( and a Facebook page (The Presents of Presence) and every day she shares messages of positivity and enjoying the present that helps remind me about letting go of the "shoulds" and the importance of enjoying the now. That's definitely worth celebrating.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Error(s) of Omission

I have been informed by my favorite sister-in-law, Linda, that I was remiss in giving her a shout out. Even worse, it was really two shout outs that I missed. Since I do not want to make my favorite sister-in-law angry (then I'll just be stuck talking to my other not-so-favorite sister-in-laws) let me attempt to grovel set the record straight.

You may remember that February 8th was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day and we celebrated it with waffles and ice cream. Well, my first error was in praising the glycemic-level devastating Eggo Thick and Fluffy waffles without mentioning that my favorite sister-in-law, Linda, and my favorite nephew-in-high school (not to be confused with the favorite nephew-in-college), Alexander, introduced these waffles to us when we were with them in January. Spence fell instantly in love and they are now a Buehlman freezer staple (local folks, they are on sale at Bloom right now!).

I admit it. I blew it. I am a creature of habit and would not have noticed or made the switch without Linda's and Alexander's efforts. If we are being totally honest, it was all Alexander. He took Spence through the food store and introduced him to teen gastronomy. Spence was in heaven.

Error of Omission number two was not mentioning the fact that Linda used to serve this exact breakfast to my two favorite nephews over the years. I, being a solid seven years behind Linda in my child rearing, thought she was crazy and since I am keeping it really real, I still do. Blech. Honestly, it was fun for the holiday but otherwise I thought it was kind of gross first thing in the morning and would never give this to my kid before school. Did I mention blech?  In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, she was the inspiration behind our breakfast.

So there you have it, Linda. You know you are like the sister I never had, which makes it that much easier to channel my inner snotty little sister. Love ya, favorite sister-in-law.

February 9th - Tubs and Toothaches

It took approximately six weeks for me to give up trying to figure out where these holidays originate. It is not in my nature to give up, I need answers. Mark will attest to this. Ever since we bought our iPhones no question has gone unanswered. There is no reason for us to answer a question with "I dunno" when the answers are quite literally at our finger tips. Some holiday origins are obvious, some are fascinating, but those do not make up for the rest of them. Though I suppose that the fun is in speculating where these wacky days started, and who started them. I find myself thinking on this far too often, though it does keep my otherwise far too active mind occupied. Believe me, that's a good thing.

Case in point: Thursday, February 9th. We celebrated "Read In The Bathtub Day" and "Toothache Day".   Of course as I am typing this I am second guessing myself and asking, "Come on, Ness, did you REALLY research this?" So I am googling and typing at the same time. {{big sigh}} Alright, yes, these have origins worth mentioning. Dang it. Disregard previous paragraph.

Toothache Day is a little sketchy. The folks at Holiday Insights don't know the origin but suggest using it as a day to reflect upon your dental hygiene (yawn) though a reader suggested it may be in celebration of the Feast of St. Apollonia, Patron Saint of Dentists and people suffering from...wait for it, wait for it....toothaches. Nice guess, dear Holiday Insights reader. Check it out HERE if you have no life are so inclined. It is also Children's Dental Health Month. Coincindence? I think not. I am guessing no dessert is served at the Feast of St. Apollonia.

In honor of Toothache Day, don't let this happen to you...

And then there was National Read In The Bathtub Day. This is actually a national holiday. Really. You, yes you, can have your own national holiday. Google it. This post will be an epic tome the way I am going so please feel free to google it on your own.

So this woman submitted a request to Chase's Calendar of Events (which I am just finding out is the penultimate resource for holidays, insert another big sigh here) because her husband loves to read in the bathtub. There is even a Facebook page. Odd, but cute. And if she hadn't done that, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to celebrate it...

Pretty cool.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

February 8th - Go Fly A Kite

When you think of February (assuming you are here in the Northern Hemi, yes, we are on a nickname basis, Hemi and me) what is the one activity you look forward to the most? When the temps are low, the wind is blustery and bone chilling, and there is snow/hale/gale force sleet, what do you want to do more than anything in the whole entire world? What was that? You want to fly a kite? Well, you lucky duck, February has a Kite Flying Day! And that's just what we did on Wednesday, the eighth.

I cannot complain this year. It was a little chilly but we really have not had winter. I think it was in the mid-40s that day. To be completely honest, I was looking forward to one of those "flying a kite in the snow" pictures. Oh well. It still wasn't ideal kite flying weather but we persevered and got our Ben Franklin on...

Fortunately I am married to a professional kite flyer. I am not kidding. Mark has mad kite flying skillz. He used to carry one around in the trunk of his car just in case he got the urge. Isn't that cool? I also come from a distinguished line of kite flyers. My dad and I would head down to the football field at the end of our street and fly kites up to the atmosphere when I was a kiddo. He brought them on vacations too. Who doesn't love flying a kite on a beach? That's the best.

So the boys achieved lift off and we gazed fondly at the soaring kite...

And then we got cold and went inside. My friends at Holiday Insights don't have an exact origin for the holiday but believe it started in South America. Kite flying in February on a beach in Rio? That makes way more sense. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 7th - Howdy Neighbor!

Monday, February 7, was  "Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day". 

And that's just what we did.

(Sending out another big "Thank You!" to our awesome neighbors, the Lemons, for helping us celebrate!)

February 6th - AFLAC!

I love that crazy AFLAC duck. He is in my top three favorite commercial series. Yes, I actually have a top three favorite commercial series list. Notice, not commercial in singular. I am talking the on-going series. The ones that make you say, "Hey! Have you seen the new xyz commercial? It's hilarious!" My top three in no particular order:

#1 - STANLEY STEAMER. I want that always professional and incredibly passionate-about-his-job guy to come clean my carpets. Ever since the day I ended up taking care of an alpaca (pet sitting knows no bounds in Smithfield), I have felt a special affinity with Stanley Steamer Man. In his immortal words "Have you ever cleaned up after an alpaca? I have. It.was.AWESOME." I knew I had found a kindred spirit. And you are a hero, my friend. You are.

#2 - JIMMY DEAN. Come on. You know the ones with Mr. Sun. My favorite is the one with the planets, "Mars is down..." Who wouldn't want to work somewhere where the boss is always feeding you and there are leprechauns running around? I just googled Mr. Sun and his name is Haynes Brooke. If I was going to name the Sun, or a center fielder, it would so be that name. And you can connect with him on LinkedIn if you want. And, no, that was not a sausage pun, he is really on there.

#3 - AFLAC. I love the new-ish ones with all the animals where AFLAC duck is scratching lily pads with the frogs on them and the pigeon says, "Major Medical Bbboooyyy!" like Flavor Flave. That's pure gold. And how come no one can hear him? I hear him fine.

Well, today was the day for you my little AFLAC duck friend. February 6th was Lame Duck Day! Of course the creators of this holiday were not referring to injured ducks. They were, of course, referring to folks who are on their way out of a position with the shoe print of the guy/gal taking their place firmly imprinted on their posterior. Most folks are familiar with the term applying to outgoing presidents. My friends at Holiday Insights sum it up well (and stole my quack puns so I can't use them here without looking like I plagiarized. Boo.) Check out their fun explanation here.

But that was boring so we went with injured ducks...

Of course we are blowing into those duck bill whistles with all our might. Like knuckleheads. Can you hear us? Like I said, knuckleheads. Our neighbors had some friends over to help move things out of their house and kept looking at us like we were lunatics. At least now they know with all certainty we are total whack jobs.

(And a big shout out to the local Disabled American Veterans Thrift Shop where I scored not one, but two, sets of crutches for free. Don't worry, they are going back so someone who may really need them can have them. You go DAV!)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February 5th - Averting a Giant Disaster

Sunday, February the fifth, was easy. It was Nutella Day. I have Nutella in my pantry. Done, and done.

[Cue lilting French accordion music...] I remember first being introduced to Nutella when I was but a girl traveling the French countryside from Avignon to the Cote d'Azur. My parents had Parisienne friends they had met on a previous trip abroad, and we were traveling with them through France and Spain. We would picnic in sunflower fields along the way. Le petit-dejeuner would consist of fresh baguettes, cheese, chaud chocolat and Nutella. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. We brought a jar home and I mourned the day I scraped out every last minuscule hazlenutty, chocolately bit of goodness. I remember the day, years later, when I found Nutella on the shelf of a local cheese shop. Now you can find it just about everywhere. Must our kids yearn for nothing? (I have always wanted to be someone who had a "while I was traveling the French countryside" story, even though I would find it slightly affected and annoying coming from someone else, especially if they said things like "when I was but a girl" and peppered the tale with French words. I forgot I actually have one of those stories. Score! If it makes it less annoying, I have a "throwing up in the back seat of the car driving through Germany" story too. Actually, I have two of those.)

But lo and behold, the New York Giants made it to the Super Bowl. That changed things up a bit. Mark is a giant huge Giants fan. I think if your team makes it to the show, that makes it a holiday. So we celebrated, and so did Nutella...

Mark and I have had quite the sports fan journey throughout our marriage. I am from the Philadelphia area. Philly? New York? Not a sports fan marriage made in heaven. As a stalwart Phillies and reluctant Eagles fan (don't get me started on their more recent history), I HATED all New York teams. Mark, being the more mature of the two of us (heaven help us, how did we make it this far?) usually managed to take the higher road. I did not. But that was a long time ago. I hate to admit it, but I have matured over the years. We route for our respective teams throughout the season and then post season, unless our teams are playing each other, we support each other. And, my apologies to any New England fans reading, I would cheer on any team playing the Patriots, especially in the super-est of bowls.

But I had a lot of anxiety. You see, it was also Disaster Day. I could not ignore it. What if the Giants lost? It would be a DISASTER! Would that be good for celebrating Disaster Day? Sure. But would that be good for the woman who has to live with the crazy Giants fan? Heck no! If you watched the game you know there was much nail biting but, thank goodness, the Giants pulled it out. Much to someone's great joy...

You can tell he's not really that big of a fan, right? He had Giants paraphernalia on under his jeans, too. 

If Mark ever doubted my love for him in our 19+ years of marriage, I laid them to rest this historic evening...

I put on a Giants hat. I didn't explode into a cloud of dust or melt. Lightening didn't strike. I even took a pic with my phone and sent it out to the Facebook universe. 

Of course, that was why the Giants won. They couldn't have done it without me.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 4th - I Scream, You Scream...

we all scream for...ICE CREAM! Saturday, February 4th, was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day! We were so excited that this holiday fell on a Saturday so we could hang out and really enjoy this Buehlman family first. We like to introduce good people to each other so why not introduce two of our favorite things to each other?

Eggo, may we introduce you to Edy; Edy please meet our good friend Eggo.

Sweet mother of all things carbohydrate, those are the new Thick 'n Fluffy Eggos and they are fan-freak-a-deak-in-tabulous.

We are quite the matchmakers. This was a marriage made in all-things-delicious heaven...

So good.

As if our day wasn't sweet enough it was also "Thank a Mail Man Day." (Or to be politically correct, "Mail Carrier Day".) Either way, we wanted to thank the lovely men and women who bring bills, junk mail and, most importantly, the sacred Crate and Barrel catalog to our home through rain, sleet and the very rare snow.

I wrote a little card explaining the occasion and we threw in a little sweet treat too (hello! ice cream!). This was so much fun it made me wonder why we waited for a holiday to do it. A thank you and surprise treat for the wonderful service providers in our lives needs to happen more often.

So into the mailbox it went.

We were hoping to do a personal hand-off but we were not sure we would catch our mail carrier; they are tricky like that. We came home from running a quick errand to find this in our mailbox...

Ok, so it's backwards, but you get the drift. A sweet little "thank you" with smiley face. It was so nice. I am definitely feeling more random acts of kindness are needed. Perhaps "365 Random Acts of Kindness" for next year's blog? There aren't enough smiley faces in the world; it's time to do something about that.

February 3rd - Chew On This!

After all the confusion of Groundhog Day, it was nice to have an easy one to celebrate. February the third was Bubble Gum Day.

It seems like it should be pretty easy to celebrate, right? Well, we got off to a slow start thanks to some inferior gum. It is probably a bad sign when you cannot remember how old the gum was. I am fairly certain it is from two baseball seasons ago, though who knows how long it sat on a store shelf before that. It was brutal.

I had a grand vision of a picture of the three of us blowing bubbles the size of our respective heads; it was not meant to be. Spence tried first...

...without much luck. That is as far as he got. So Mark gave it try...

...and that is as far as he got. So we called in the professional...

Then the boys felt left out so they celebrated in their own way...

Did you ever know someone who actually stuck gum behind their ear to keep for future chewing? Did you ever try it? I tried it once when I was about 8 and it got stuck in my hair. It was very traumatic. Just a little cautionary tale on this hallowed holiday. Happy chewing!