Friday, March 30, 2012

February 26th - Nuttiness Runs in the Jeans

We celebrated two of my favorite things on Sunday, February 26, nuts and jeans! It was National Pistachio Day and Levi Strauss Day.

Pistachio Day was a raucous event.

We gnashed our teeth and tore into the meaty stachios. We discarded shells with wild abandon. It was KER-A-ZEE!

After snack time we celebrated Levi Strauss Day the only way we knew how - by taking pictures of our tuckus. The cute one first...

My mom warned me about marrying someone with a smaller butt than me. I clearly didn't listen.

Seriously? I could rent out advertising space on that thing. The things I won't do for this project. Oy.

But back to the holiday, we love us some Levi's up in this house except for the skinny mini who can only wear Gap adjustable waist jeans without fear of getting "pants-ed" every day at school. (Fascinating Buehlman fact #243)

So thank you crazy miners of the 1893 California gold rush who couldn't find pants that would stand-up to the riggers of gold hunting and thank you Levi Strauss for bringing "waist overalls" into our lives. (Check out the history here. Interesting stuff.) I can't remember ever not having at least one pair of Levi's in my drawer. I love the rivets and the little red tab, Levi's are right up there with baseball and apple pie in my book.

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