Monday, March 12, 2012

Error(s) of Omission

I have been informed by my favorite sister-in-law, Linda, that I was remiss in giving her a shout out. Even worse, it was really two shout outs that I missed. Since I do not want to make my favorite sister-in-law angry (then I'll just be stuck talking to my other not-so-favorite sister-in-laws) let me attempt to grovel set the record straight.

You may remember that February 8th was Ice Cream For Breakfast Day and we celebrated it with waffles and ice cream. Well, my first error was in praising the glycemic-level devastating Eggo Thick and Fluffy waffles without mentioning that my favorite sister-in-law, Linda, and my favorite nephew-in-high school (not to be confused with the favorite nephew-in-college), Alexander, introduced these waffles to us when we were with them in January. Spence fell instantly in love and they are now a Buehlman freezer staple (local folks, they are on sale at Bloom right now!).

I admit it. I blew it. I am a creature of habit and would not have noticed or made the switch without Linda's and Alexander's efforts. If we are being totally honest, it was all Alexander. He took Spence through the food store and introduced him to teen gastronomy. Spence was in heaven.

Error of Omission number two was not mentioning the fact that Linda used to serve this exact breakfast to my two favorite nephews over the years. I, being a solid seven years behind Linda in my child rearing, thought she was crazy and since I am keeping it really real, I still do. Blech. Honestly, it was fun for the holiday but otherwise I thought it was kind of gross first thing in the morning and would never give this to my kid before school. Did I mention blech?  In the spirit of giving credit where it is due, she was the inspiration behind our breakfast.

So there you have it, Linda. You know you are like the sister I never had, which makes it that much easier to channel my inner snotty little sister. Love ya, favorite sister-in-law.

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