Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February 13th - Celebrating the Real Octo-Mom!

Some may think having eight babies is a remarkable undertaking but I think having eighty birthdays is far more extraordinary. As far as "Octo-Moms" go, Mark's mom is the real deal. February 13th was my favorite mother-in-law's 80th birthday! The first big family milestone of the year!

We actually celebrated this a little early this year. We flew up to New York in late January to celebrate with the whole family. We spent a long weekend together on Long Island celebrating with extended family and friends, and spent a day driving around visiting some old haunts (the house they all lived in, their favorite burger joint, the high school, the soccer shop). It was such a cool weekend. Spence was able to see a lot family he didn't know he had, and he had a really cool glimpse at where his dad grew up and the things he did, as well as seeing his Nana with both of her kids (it is a hoot when they are all together). I think it was the first time that Mark, Linda & Hazel were able to do this together. It was a nice birthday bonus.

But onto the celebrating! We had a fantastic birthday dinner for Hazel at Mamma Lombardi's. There is no denying the culinary joy that is New York Italian food and Mamma Lombardi's delivered.

Honestly, I've never seen so much food. Usually extreme quantity means decreased quality - not on Momma Lombardi's watch. The portions were ridiculous and the food was delicious. When I say the portions were huge, I mean the left overs were enough to feed a family of four. No exaggeration.

But back to the birthday girl. She got the full treatment, singing Italian waiters (Happy-a-birthday to yoooo....)

And lots of love...
Hazel with Mark and my favorite sister-in-law, Linda

Hazel with Spence and my favorite nephew-in-high school, Alexander
Visiting their old house
Visiting the town of Massapequa Park and the much-frequented Soccer Shop

Hazel, Mark and Linda knew this place well before it was seen on Food Network or the Travel Channel. Sweet Mother of Murgatroyde (don't ask me, it's just something I say) their cheeseburgers ROCK!

And you may remember this oldie but goodie from Kazoo Day...

Of course we did not leave Hazel hanging on her actual birthday. She had a soiree with her friends from church and we arranged for her to have lunch with her other friends in Arizona.  Her sister, Shirley, flew out to Arizona to celebrate too. The birthday girl definitely got her party on!

Happy Birthday Hazel! We love you!!

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  1. Awesome post. Brought back many memories. Don't know if you knew this but I grew up on Rose street as well.