Friday, March 30, 2012

February 24th - Tortilla Chip Day!

Believe it or not, I just don't have much to say about Tortilla Chip Day. I can ramble incessantly about virtually anything but all we had to do today was eat some tortilla chips. (When I say I don't have much to say it usually turns into quite the diatribe. Buckle up.)

Of course I did take the opportunity to kick it up a small notch. I have to make a small admission first. I am addicted to cookbooks. I love to read them.  I live my gourmet wannabe life vicariously through them. I can actually cook a five course dinner in my head. I can feel the food, I can taste it, and I can plate it. I just don't actually cook it. It has become alarmingly apparent over the years that I am all about the idea and not so great on the follow through. So when I make grand statements like, "I made my own guacamole, can you believe it ?!" I know that it is not even a small blip on a lot of folks' excite-o-meter. For me, however, it was freaking awesome! And slightly depressing. I looked at the guacamole and realized it was pretty much the easiest thing in the world to make and how is it I am staring down the big 4-5 without ever having made it before? What else am I missing out on? Time to get off my culinary boo-tocks and get cookin'!

So there you have it. Tortilla chips with some homemade (!!) guac. And it was freak-a-deakin' delicious. Mark was blown away, "YOU made THAT?" I don't think he needed to sound quite that surprised. The recipe is from my culinary guru Mr. Mark Bittman from his if-I-could-only-have-one-cookbook-this-would-be-it cookbook, How To Cook Everything. Check out my recipe page if you too would like some heart healthy homemade guac in your life.

And a little shout out to my favorite new chips, the Snyder's (that would be the Hanover Snyders, to avoid confusion with, say, the Hampton's Snyders) Whole Grain Tortilla Chips with quinoa, flax, sesame and chi-chi-chi-chia seeds. Seriously, you will recognize every ingredient in these bad boys and your digestive tract will thank me (eventually).

Here's to getting your chip on!

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