Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 6th - AFLAC!

I love that crazy AFLAC duck. He is in my top three favorite commercial series. Yes, I actually have a top three favorite commercial series list. Notice, not commercial in singular. I am talking the on-going series. The ones that make you say, "Hey! Have you seen the new xyz commercial? It's hilarious!" My top three in no particular order:

#1 - STANLEY STEAMER. I want that always professional and incredibly passionate-about-his-job guy to come clean my carpets. Ever since the day I ended up taking care of an alpaca (pet sitting knows no bounds in Smithfield), I have felt a special affinity with Stanley Steamer Man. In his immortal words "Have you ever cleaned up after an alpaca? I have. It.was.AWESOME." I knew I had found a kindred spirit. And you are a hero, my friend. You are.

#2 - JIMMY DEAN. Come on. You know the ones with Mr. Sun. My favorite is the one with the planets, "Mars is down..." Who wouldn't want to work somewhere where the boss is always feeding you and there are leprechauns running around? I just googled Mr. Sun and his name is Haynes Brooke. If I was going to name the Sun, or a center fielder, it would so be that name. And you can connect with him on LinkedIn if you want. And, no, that was not a sausage pun, he is really on there.

#3 - AFLAC. I love the new-ish ones with all the animals where AFLAC duck is scratching lily pads with the frogs on them and the pigeon says, "Major Medical Bbboooyyy!" like Flavor Flave. That's pure gold. And how come no one can hear him? I hear him fine.

Well, today was the day for you my little AFLAC duck friend. February 6th was Lame Duck Day! Of course the creators of this holiday were not referring to injured ducks. They were, of course, referring to folks who are on their way out of a position with the shoe print of the guy/gal taking their place firmly imprinted on their posterior. Most folks are familiar with the term applying to outgoing presidents. My friends at Holiday Insights sum it up well (and stole my quack puns so I can't use them here without looking like I plagiarized. Boo.) Check out their fun explanation here.

But that was boring so we went with injured ducks...

Of course we are blowing into those duck bill whistles with all our might. Like knuckleheads. Can you hear us? Like I said, knuckleheads. Our neighbors had some friends over to help move things out of their house and kept looking at us like we were lunatics. At least now they know with all certainty we are total whack jobs.

(And a big shout out to the local Disabled American Veterans Thrift Shop where I scored not one, but two, sets of crutches for free. Don't worry, they are going back so someone who may really need them can have them. You go DAV!)

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