Thursday, March 8, 2012

February 8th - Go Fly A Kite

When you think of February (assuming you are here in the Northern Hemi, yes, we are on a nickname basis, Hemi and me) what is the one activity you look forward to the most? When the temps are low, the wind is blustery and bone chilling, and there is snow/hale/gale force sleet, what do you want to do more than anything in the whole entire world? What was that? You want to fly a kite? Well, you lucky duck, February has a Kite Flying Day! And that's just what we did on Wednesday, the eighth.

I cannot complain this year. It was a little chilly but we really have not had winter. I think it was in the mid-40s that day. To be completely honest, I was looking forward to one of those "flying a kite in the snow" pictures. Oh well. It still wasn't ideal kite flying weather but we persevered and got our Ben Franklin on...

Fortunately I am married to a professional kite flyer. I am not kidding. Mark has mad kite flying skillz. He used to carry one around in the trunk of his car just in case he got the urge. Isn't that cool? I also come from a distinguished line of kite flyers. My dad and I would head down to the football field at the end of our street and fly kites up to the atmosphere when I was a kiddo. He brought them on vacations too. Who doesn't love flying a kite on a beach? That's the best.

So the boys achieved lift off and we gazed fondly at the soaring kite...

And then we got cold and went inside. My friends at Holiday Insights don't have an exact origin for the holiday but believe it started in South America. Kite flying in February on a beach in Rio? That makes way more sense. 

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