Friday, January 13, 2012

January 10th - Peculiar People Party with Plants while Protecting the Planet

Holy Alliteration, Batman! It was a holiday trifecta on the tenth starting off with Houseplant Appreciation Day (a special shout out to my good friend, Katie, who alerted me to this one):
Oh, houseplant, we appreciate you so. It appears the plant and I are having an extra special moment while the boys appreciate in their own little way.

In the "keeping it real" department, I kill plants. I love them, but I kill them. It's not on purpose. I'm just plant watering challenged. The plants I appreciate most are succulents - minimal watering required, or in my case, no watering. And when they're dead, they still look alive. Love them. Luckily I'm married to an amazing man who sighs, shakes his head, and waters all the plants I buy. Cause I love plants. I'm just not good on the follow through.

It was also National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. This was a fun one.
Especially if you like freezing your booty off in the dark. Or you could just switch over to some energy (and planet) saving CFL lightbulbs...
so your home too can have the ambiance of a Wal-Mart. Oh CFLs, how I love your heinous-pallor-draining-glow. I'm just kidding. Some of the CFLs we first tried cast a ghastly white hue (hence, the Wal-Mart-esque quality) but we then found some "soft white" CFLs and things are back to warm and glowy.

Rounding out the trifecta of celebrations was Peculiar People Day. And when I say peculiar, I mean peculiar, but I have a feeling you already knew that.

We pretty much celebrate this one every single day. Thank you, Mac Photo Booth. Here's a very special video clip that also celebrates this special day. It's a minute and a half of your life you'll never get back. Enjoy.

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