Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 8th - Time for a Little Bubbly...

Bath bubbly of course! How nice of National Bubble Bath day to fall on a Sunday. As a special gift to the two or three people actually reading this blog, I did not photograph myself in the bath. For some reason I think that may be entering a whole other blog realm, and we're keeping it family friendly here, so my trusty assistant volunteered. It's that whole "tough job but someone's got to do it" thing:
Eleven year old boy + bath bubbles + whirlpool tub = "holy-crap-turn-that-thing-off-before-we-have-insurance-people-and-structural-engineers-swarming-the-place!" Somehow Bubble Bath Day was more relaxing for some than others.

Mr. Man has been sporting showers for some time now so the bubble bath was a blast from "little man" past. He had a ball. And there are roughly 30 Star Wars figures in there somewhere. They had an epic battle.

And there's my poster child for National Bubble Bath Day...may the bubbles be always with you.

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