Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 12 - Where the Wild Things Are...They are much closer than you think!

Imagine our excitement when we discovered that the twelfth was the Feast of Fabulous Wild Men. Imagine MY excitement when I realized I live with two fabulous wild men! All I had to do was feed them and we could consider that holiday celebrated. But you know it was not as simple as that. Alas, these are wild men and they must feast, for it is their day! (Go back and say that sentence like Mel Gibson rallying the troops in Braveheart. Excellent. Now go back and imagine Mel Gibson in Braveheart...Come back and join us whenever you are ready.)

Where was I? Feast, right. So I knew the wild men would need meat, it would need to be on a bone and I decided they had to eat the entire meal with their hands. I used this opportunity to make something I'd never tried before - beef short ribs. Holy cow, they were easy and awesome! You can find the recipe here. So the men feasted on short ribs, whole carrots (they're pretty fierce, right?) and wasabi mashed potatoes. (I planned on mashed potatoes right after I made the rule about eating with your hands. Hey, the rule applies to wild MEN, and I have a weird sense of humor.) Wasabi masher recipe is here.

A raucous celebration ensued. Face paint, chanting, swinging from ceiling fans - it was a Maurice Sendak-ish extravaganza! Actually we just watched NCIS, but there was face paint and I chanted "eat the spuds!" until they did. Love my fabulous wild men!

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