Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 7th - Rockin' in Harlem

Or maybe this post should be titled, "Geologists Gone Wild".  On January 7th we celebrated the much (?) anticipated Old Rock Day! Wow. I could use thirty exclamation points after that statement and I don't think it would elicit any excitement. Sorry rock enthusiasts. And I do mean rock - metamorphic, igneous, sedimentary, take your pick (as I laugh in the faces of all who thought I slept through freshman year geology. HaHA!) We were hoping for Old Rock, like classic rock, day. We considered changing it to that but I do have a soft spot in my heart for dear Professor Potter who had to read my lame essays in geology class (and of course I slept through it, when I was actually there, that's what big lecture halls are for at 9:00 am. Duh.)

So in the name of all things geological - I present our ode to Old Rock Day:
The greatest joy I derived from this holiday was imagining a bunch of rock and fossil enthusiasts having a huge soiree and partying like rock stars. Sorry. Had to be said.

The day was far from over because in an epic coincidence it was also Harlem Globetrotters Day. [Blog Disclaimer #...I don't know, I'm starting to lose count. I have no real skills in life except sarcasm so when I say things like "epic coincidence" it's a good bet there is sarcasm dripping all over it. Not everybody gets it so if you find yourself scratching your head over something believe me when I say it's me, not you.]

The Globetrotters will be in lovely downtown Norfolk in March so we are geared up to see them live and in action. In the meantime...
we rocked out groovy Globetrotter headbands. I kept telling Mark to spin the basketball on his finger like Medowlark Lemon but he couldn't do it. Sheesh.

And in the spirit of being complete nerds...
We got the rocks in on celebrating the Globetrotters too. It's getting wild up in here.

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