Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 2nd - Happy MEW Year!

That's right. I said typed it. January the second is indeed "Happy Mew Year for Cats"! 

Happy "Mew" Year Ellie!
I still haven't figured out which is more disturbing to me: actually celebrating Happy Mew Year's or that I made a Mew Year's tiara for our cat, Ellie. Now that I've typed it, it's pretty clear that the tiara was a bit over the top. Ellie seemed pretty excited about it though (obviously, it totally brings out her eyes and accentuates her cheekbones) and we got a big old laugh out of it.

The pic above was the winner from a slew of pictures I had to take to get a good one. Have you ever tried to get a cat to pose with a tiara on? I'm seriously rethinking "National Dress Up Your Pet Day" on January 14.

[BLOG DISCLAIMER #2: No animals were harmed, or will be harmed, in our celebrations. Unless we are eating them. (Apologies to my vegan friends, we're still carnivores) And, no, Mark is not strangling Ellie. Although she does look like she needs that bottle of champagne with a catnip chaser.  Please don't call the ASPCA, she really is well loved!]

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  1. The kitty tiara has got to be the highlight of this post!! Oh my my... xo