Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 14th - It's Raining Cats and Dogs

No, not really, but the clever title fairies aren't on my side today. You may remember a few posts back I declared a few "Blog Rules".  One of the rules is that I will not use any stock photos from the internet. All of our holidays must be documented in real time - no cheating with old and/or stock photos. I may also have mentioned that I was going to break this rule at some point in the near future. Well this was the day. It was already lurking in my mind, I knew what was coming: January 14th was dress up your pet day. If we had a dog, no problem. I'd have the hot dog outfit on him/her in a second and we'd all be having a nifty chuckle. However, we have cats and that's a whole other yarn ball game. I remembered waaayyy back to January 2nd when all we had to do was hold a goofy tiara over Ellie's head and realized in the interest of self-preservation and a "no-skin-grafts-if-we-can-help-it" family policy, other measures would need to be taken. Also supporting this decision was the fact I was flying to Arizona that day and I didn't think people would appreciate me trying to dress up their already traumatized pets in the airport. So we turned to the internet and picked a handful of dressed-up pet pictures to commemorate this day.

Check out this classy cat. Is that a croissant? Hope they held the mayo. 
The ascot did it for me. If only he had on a cheesy George Hamilton smoking jacket...
Not to leave out our canine friends:

So cute he is.
And our favorite:
Terrorist Kitty
I'm pretty sure PETA should be contacted.  That just isn't right.

Because this blog writer has issues has extremely high standards it was imperative that we still celebrate actively (other than wise-cracking about people with too much time on their hands and surfing costumed animals on the web). Today was also Cesarean Section Day. This is pretty cool because I was a C-Section baby and so was Spence.  Apparently Walters women turn out some big babies with life-alteringly big heads. Did you see the classic Mike Meyers film "So I Married An Axe Murderer?" The scene where the Scottish father, Stuart MacKenzie, is talking about the kids' big head? Check it out:

Classic. Orange on a toothpick. That gets me every time. We still put on a brogue and yell "HEED, MOOOVE!" at Spencer every once and a while. Good times, good times.

So we utilized the magic of technology to bring you this gem in celebration of the medical miracle that brought my little man (and me) into the world with a stunning non-conical head:

Get it? Kid in belly? It could have been worse. I could have taken a picture of my scar. Just saying.

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