Friday, January 6, 2012

January 3rd - Three on Three

It was a holiday BO-nanza around here on the third. We couldn't pick just one.

The day started with my personal favorite: the "Festival of Sleep". Sleep, glorious sleep! Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? I should be the Grand Marshallette of the Festival of Sleep. Seriously. Apparently the Festival was "created" (and I have to use quotations here because I harbor a decent amount of cynicism over how these so-called holidays are created) so folks would have a day to sleep and rejuvenate after big holidays. Read more about it here. (Wikipedia cracks me up. I particularly love the quote, " is not yet a federal holiday." Dare to dream my Wikipedia friend!) Personally, I think whoever created this holiday doesn't have a job.

Speaking of happy places. Ah.... snuggled up with two warm, fuzzy kitties. Wait a minute. I think I just figured out who created the Festival of Sleep! That's all these slacker cats do! Major props go out to Mark who snapped this Sleeping Beauty-esqe pic. Clearly my Wikipedia friend didn't have a kid to get to school so this serene scene did not last as long as I may have liked. But who has time to sleep with so much celebrating to do?!

Holiday #2 will undoubtedly be in the Top 10 favorite holidays of the year - "Fruitcake Toss Day"! I have heard about fruitcake tossing, even saw a show about it, but until you have actually done it you cannot appreciate the pure joy it brings!

Before I go any further, I have to apologize to my amazing SIL who sent us the fruitcake we tossed. We only tossed approximately one pound of it, ate three pounds worth and we still have about nine pounds left. And it went to a good cause. It was of supreme flinging quality.

 Spence remembered that we had a water balloon slingshot (also provided by my SIL - come on, Linda, that's pretty cool!) so we loaded it up with fruit cake and...

The first one hit the bush at the edge of the cul-de-sac. Then the trajectory was recalculated and they went flying down the street in front of and even past the brick house on the left (which is luckily our neighbor's house so they were cool with fruitcake flying at their abode).
 They let me give it a try. It was ridiculously fun.
 Fortunately our neighbor's son was the one who pelted his own mailbox with one of the shots. It was very loud when it hit. It's three days since we did that and it's still there. Now that's some quality fruitcake.
 And fruitcake carnage was spewed down the street. Some birds are going to be insanely happy. That's some potent fruitcake. The whole event was captured on video thanks to our neighbor's daughter (who did a fabulous job) and will be posted as soon as I figure out how to edit it.

But we weren't done yet. There was one more holiday to celebrate and it was a nice ending to the festivities. It was also "National Drinking Straw Day" and it seemed that we should sip something worthy of such a holiday so we whipped up some vanilla milkshakes.



  1. Ok, Anna, Matthew, and I were laughing so hard that I started crying! Man, I wish we could be there to get behind that slingshot with ya'll!! Matthew just asked, "could I do that for my birthday?" Love it!!

    1. Matthew definitely needs a sling shot like that! Think about all the stuff you could flings down the street. Your neighbors will love you! :)

  2. The fruitcake lasted two weeks on the mailbox. That's some good strong fruitcake.