Friday, January 13, 2012

January 9th - The Triple "F" Threat

January 9th marked our first holiday conundrum. We had three holidays to choose from: 1) "Play God Day" which I didn't feel entirely comfortable doing, even in the name of getting a good chuckle; 2) "Balloon Ascension Day" which would have made for a good time 'cuz who doesn't love balloons? Oh wait, birds don't. Especially after the colorful orbs of merriment float so peacefully into the azure sky and then pop and get swallowed by, well, swallows (along with a myriad of other birds) and then the unsuspecting and not too intelligent birdies die. Talk about a holiday buzz kill. Couldn't do it; and 3) "National Clean of Your Desk Day" which I inadvertently did without knowing about the holiday. Well, that seemed like cheating and I didn't have astounding before and after pics which for me are requisite.

But we are prepared for such situations. In addition to daily holidays there are also monthly and even weekly holidays. You see where this is going. If we need to, we fill in with one of these. So today we celebrate National Oatmeal Month or as I like to call it, The Fabulous Fiber Fest!
Can you guess who eats which oatmeal? I don't want you to lose any sleep over it so I'll just tell you. The boys get the boxed stuff, I'll let you noodle through who eats which one. You get one guess. And I get the steel cut goodness that will change your life in ways you've never imagined. Yet again, fodder for another post on another blog. And the canisters? I'm originally from the Philadelphia area and I must always have a picture of a William Penn-ish Quaker dude around. No, come on, they are for oatmeal cookies which I now HAVE to make this month. It's nice to have an excuse.

And here is one of the Fabulous Fiber Festers -
I just distracted him with the oatmeal so I could have the rest of the Kings Cake....

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