Monday, January 16, 2012

January 11th - Shower Your Friends With Love!

On January the eleventh we celebrated "Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend Day." As I suspected, this was met with great enthusiasm from the dudes at the bus stop. Especially since we had real puddles (not mom made, which was plan B in the absence of rain.)

Up until this point I have received a few holiday suggestions from friends; (for example, my friend Sue recommended a "Post Something Close to Real About Your Kids on Facebook" Day. I think this should be a national holiday and we should all get the day off to revel in the fact that our friends' kids aren't minor deities that are destined for world acclaim and/or domination. I know your seven year old black belt, Rhodes scholar, poet laureate, culinary genius, Mensa-IQ'd builder of life-sized Lego replicas of the Golden Gate Bridge eats his/her boogers and just yesterday threw the mother of all fits in the middle of Kohls over a pair of Pokemon slippers. Let's quit pretending this doesn't happen with our perfect little angels. Sue, that one was for you!) but I personally have not had any holiday creating mojo. Quite honestly, I've got enough holidays to worry about without making up new ones. But it struck me that January the tenth should be "Pray Like Hell It Rains Tonight So I Have a Flipping Puddle to Splash in Tomorrow" Day. Because it was touch and go for awhile and then Mother Nature kindly got her groove on and went to work.

And in the morning we awoke to a beautiful, splash worthy puddle right at the bus stop. And there was much splashing to ensure they got it jjuuussst right.


  1. Great action shots of Spence in mid-air!

  2. Thanks! Gotta love "sports" setting and continuous shooting options!