Friday, February 24, 2012

February 1st - Go With The Flo

There were so many holidays today it was actually a little overwhelming. Here is what we had to choose from:

  • Robinson Crusoe Day
  • Hula in The Coola Day
  • G.I. Joe Day
  • Car Insurance Day
  • Serpent Day

We had snakes in January, so Serpent Day was out. No islands nearby to get stranded on, Crusoe Day was out (too bad it didn't fall on a Friday, that would have been a whole other story). Mark is our official G.I. so Joe didn't have a chance. That left us with Hula in The Coola which is a day to channel our inner-summer selves, don grass skirts and coconut bras, drink pina coladas, and pretend it is not winter. Except that it is 60 degrees outside. We actually passed on the luau and went straight to Car Insurance Day. Who wouldn't? No one parties like car insurance agents!

Of course, there is more to the story. There was never any question we would celebrate Car Insurance Day as long as we had one thing. Flo. For years now, a few of us on the street have urged my dear friend and neighbor, Katie, to dress up like Flo from the Progressive car insurance commercials. If you know Katie, she looks like Flo and she talks like Flo. All she needs is the pricing gun. So when this day showed up on the calendar, I asked her if she would be our Flo. "You already nailed my mailbox with flying fruitcake. Why not?" she said.

Unfortunately my camera was on the wrong ISO and it is a poor photo. But we have Flo and a fully insured motor vehicle. All we need is Big Money.

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