Saturday, February 18, 2012

January 26th - Gettin' Down(under)!

Channel your inner-Crocodile Dundee folks, January 26th was Australia Day. Oy!  That's "'Appy Auusttrraaahhhlia Day, Mates!" in the land down under.

This is our kind of holiday. We grabbed our Foster's oil cans and threw some shrimp on the barbie. Color us happy!

And look at my own little Hugh Jackman...

Look at him! He's Australian for AWESOME!
I love to see my men at work burning the midnight oil. (That's two 80's Australian band references wrapped up in one lame sentence for those of you not familiar with the 80's Australian band scene. For those of you that got it, my apologies, it had to be done. And please don't set my bed a burnin' while the earth is turnin'.)

Are you thinking we forgot Spencer? No worries, mate!

Our little Joey was part of the celebration too.

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