Thursday, February 23, 2012

January 28th - Up The Old Kazoo

Wait a minute...that's wazoo, right? Well not on Saturday, January 28, the holiest of high days in the music world - it was KAZOO DAY! Who doesn't love a kazoo? Think about it. Have you ever met anybody who doesn't like kazoos? Didn't think so.

We were very excited to celebrate Kazoo Day since we were in Long Island, NY with Mark's sister (you know my favorite SIL, Linda, I'm always talking about?) and her family (which include my favorite BIL, Ant; my favorite nephews, Nick and Alexander, and my favorite Dog-in-Law, Luigi) and Mark's mom (my favorite MIL, Hazel). We were all gathered to celebrate the first of this year's amazing family milestones, Hazel's 80th birthday!

Forget pictures of the family, here's a picture of our cute DIL Luigi:

Look at the Weege. Isn't he cute?

Although she technically does not hit the big 8-0 until mid-February this was the weekend we could gather the clan for a long weekend. More on the celebration in February but here is a preview thanks to Kazoo Day (don't worry, the celebration was markedly better than our kazoo tribute to Hazel).

We tooted played "Happy Birthday" to Hazel at breakfast. (Again I look like I'm trying to smoke that thing. What is it with me? I gotta work on that.)

Now I know what you are thinking. "This is all very nice but I wish Vanessa had recorded this so I could fully experience the moment. What was she thinking?" I was thinking you would say exactly that and did, in fact, record the moment for all eternity, or as I like to say, to go down in the anals of Buehlman history. That one never gets old.

Ask and ye shall receive, my friends:

As I said, the rest of the celebration was far better than our kazoo rendition of Happy Birthday. My favorite picture is this one, taken directly after the video:

Look at Hazel's face. Let me translate, "Eighty years old and this is what I get?" Now that I am thinking about it, we seem to be getting that face a lot lately.

You are probably so mesmerized by our kazoo-ing that you forgot there was another holiday celebrated today. Nothing says "Happy 80th Birthday Nana!" like "Rattlesnake Round-Up Day"! Yeeehawww! In order to avoid more faces like the one we got above, we decided to celebrate this one in the privacy comfort of our own home.

What are the odds that we would get home from New York and find a nest of snakes loitering in our hallway? (Look it up, that's what a group of snakes is called. See the in-depth research that goes into this?) 

We quickly surrounded the oddly symmetrical nest. Clearly we couldn't handle the job on our own so we called in our ace snake wrangler, Ellie.

NOTE: Next rattlesnake round-up, wear better shoes.

The snakes soon overpowered us...

Fortunately, they all seemed to take a particular liking to Spencer...

I think maybe Ellie's forte is mouse wrangling. 

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