Friday, February 3, 2012

January 15th - We're Back! With Lids!

Whew.  What a month. Mark traveled, I traveled, we all traveled, Spence had a sore throat thing TWICE...needless to say, we fell a little behind. But we are back.  Fortunately, we have been celebrating throughout this time so we actually are more caught up in real time than in blog time. Oddly enough, it was the simplest of holidays that held up the blogging express these past few weeks. January the fifteenth was Hat Day. What could be easier to celebrate? You put on a hat, make a goofy face and you are done. Easy, right? Apparently this one threw us for a loop. On the fifteenth I was in Arizona and Mark was feeling under the weather. I believe the medical term for it was "pining".  So it got away from us and I just can't blog out of order unless it's a really important holiday, like MLK, Jr. Day.

I had great plans to celebrate it while I was away with help from the iPad, but Mom and Dad lost their party hats in the move (at least that's what they told me, party poopers) and I knew we had excellent millinery at home so I decided to wait. And I'm glad I did.

If I hadn't waited we probably would never have decided it was a groovy idea to get our gangsta on:

How come Mark looks bad a$$, Spence looks cool (foh shizzle!), and I look kind of constipated? Or is it constipizzled?

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