Wednesday, February 15, 2012

January 22nd - Cat Q & A with a Brownie Chaser

Sunday, January 22, was yet another day that had us scratching our heads and thinking, "Huh???" First of all it was "Answer Your Cat's Question Day." These cat related holidays are not doing a lot for our image as cat owners. Obviously, there are some crazy, Animal Hoarder-ish (if you haven't seen it on Animal Planet check it out. Scary stuff.) cat people out there making up a bunch of crazy-town holidays to celebrate with their furry wards. This makes the more refined cat owners (like ourselves) look like crazy-town people too. Of course, looking back over the last three weeks of pictures and posts, that may be a logical conclusion.

Here's the thing, cats don't ask questions. They are more directive. "Love me." "Feed me." "Move over." But we had a holiday to celebrate so I listened very carefully to our cats and they did, indeed, have questions.

Ellie asked, "Can you get that @$*%ing camera out of my face? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" I replied, "Certainly, your highness. Forgive me, your highness," while bowing deeply and backing out of the room.

So I went to find Louie.

Louie said, "Where the @#$* have you been? Don't you know it's time for my morning chin rub?" To which I replied, "Yes, Master Louis. Right away, Master Louis."

After that, I couldn't even find Maxi to answer her questions. I think she was fairly disgusted with the whole thing. Can't really blame her. I'm pretty sure if I found her, her question would have been along the lines of, "Are @&$%ing kidding me? Isn't there some better holiday to celebrate that doesn't include those two knuckleheads?" And I would have answered, "Why, yes, sweet Maxi, there is a better holiday! It's Blonde Brownie Day too! Meet me in the kitchen and I'll get you a treat." (She's an old, cranky Alabama street cat. We have to suck up to her or she'll take us out in our sleep.)

So I was off to the kitchen to whip up some blonde brownies. Yum.

My mom used to make blonde brownies when I was growing up so they are a fan favorite around here. I use the same recipe she did:

And here they are in all their glory-

Holy Shmoly they are delicious. And, no, Ellie & Louie, you cannot have one.

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