Saturday, February 11, 2012

January 17th - Count Your Blessings

Good grief. It has been mayhem around here. And not the cute-in-a-weird-way "Mayhem" dude from the insurance commercials. Despite said mayhem, we are celebrating away and I am preparing to deluge the blog waves with our tales of celebrating for the past two weeks.

Up first, January 17, otherwise known as "Blessing of the Animals in the Cathedral Day".  Minor problem with this one: no cathedral. So for one day we dubbed Casa Buehlmeister the Hedral. Get it? The "Cat" Hedral? I knew you would.

So Papa got Papal and bestowed blessings upon the furry one:

I love this picture. Ellie's face is priceless. I have a few ideas as to what she is thinking
and none of them are fit for a family blog. Classic.

I think it's kind of hilarious that we would not try to dress up our pets for "Dress Up Your Pet Day"
but we have no problem dressing up Mark. He's a good sport.

We also noticed it was Cable Car Day which is just swell for the people of San Francisco but what are the rest of us to do? In our case we thought it was pretty cool that we had just vacationed there last summer and pulled a few gratuitous pictures of us riding the hills of San Fran. We took a few moments to fondly reminisce upon our quality family time in San Fran which included a guy mooning Fisherman's Wharf (yeah, pretty much the whole wharf and piers and you can only guess which end of that action we saw) and the CPR we needed climbing those hills to a cable car stop that didn't have a 45 minute wait. Ahhh...good old quality family time.

So here are those gratuitous cable car pictures:

 It really was a great time. Hairy butts and all.


  1. You're ignoring the fact that it's a little disturbing that Mark can pull together a Papal outfit from things you have around your house!

    1. LOL!! That is so true. I'm actually a little frightened I never realized that. Thanks for pointing it out... It's making me look at Paul Bunyan Day in a whole new light. ;)