Friday, February 24, 2012

January 30th - The Weeny and Her Hero

January 30th did not hold much excitement for us. It was Escape Day and Inane Answering Machine Day. We were still in Long Island so we couldn't orchestrate any jailbreak-esque scenes and we didn't particularly feel like staring nonsensically at a phone receiver, and we were too busy shoving as much Italian food in our faces as possible. So we took the day off thanks to Mark. He stepped up to the plate and literally took one for the team.

January was National Blood Donor Month and Mark is our designated blood donor. Every year one of my New Year's resolutions is to give blood and every year I chicken out. I know how important it is and I just cannot do it. I am a doctor weeny. I am a needle weeny. I admit it. Mark, on the other hand, could be a walking pin cushion and not care. He has veins doctors and vampires dream about. He's a good guy. He's my hero.

I love the guy posing with the bag of blood. Good man.

Interestingly enough nobody from the American Red Cross knew it was blood donor month. What?! What the heck is their PR/Marketing department doing? Was the oversight just here in Smithfield? Did our folks not get the memo? I was kinda dumbstruck. Please tell me whether you heard any PSAs to the contrary in your area. If not, I think I may have found a new job heading up the ARC's PR department. How are you, quite literally, the largest blood-sucking organization on the face of the earth DEPENDENT ON DONORS and you miss NATIONAL Blood DONOR Month? Somebody please answer this for me.

But back to the bloodletting babe above. On a totally serious note, some lucky person is going to have that man's blood running through their veins. I hope it helps.

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